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1 2017

1.1 Albums

As most of my other categories this year, everything was a bit scattered around after Oliver’s birth — as many friends with kids told me it would be. These are the highlights of the year:

Abstract Void — Into the Blue
Black Metal + Retrowave — how can you not love it?
Chainless — Grey Veils
I played this on vinyl a lot this year. Nice dark Minecraft-y vibe.
Lustmord (Dread) — In Dub
My most played work soundtrack. Always loved Lustmord, but he achieved perfection with this.
ねごと —『SOAK』
Late addition to the list, I found out about Negoto when someone mistakenly purchased tickets for their show using my email. Dancer in Hanabira is such a nice song.
Persona 5 - OST
Game of the year, gaming OST of the decade. So glad I got this on vinyl.

1.1.1 Non 2017 release that I was obsessed with:

D-Day — Grape Iris
Someone recommended this to me over Twitter, and I obsessed over Discogs looking for a vinyl copy of it. Played it so much, and I will probably continue doing so next year.

1.2 Games

Played a lot of PS4 games in the first semester, and lightly played a mix of 3DS and Switch games in the second one.

Etrian Odyssey 5
To-go grinding machine on 3DS. Been playing it for a while. Perfect for babysleep = true watching.
Monster Hunter Stories
Pokemon in MonHun world. Works well and graphics are gorgeous, even on 3DS.
Persona 5 (My 2017 Game of the year)
Best JRPG of this generation. Can't wait to play it again when my kid goes to college in about 18 years. PS4 exclusive.
Farming Simulator 2018
Default waiting-for-labor-time game. Played on 3DS.

1.2.1 Non 2017 release that I was obsessed with:

Final Fantasy XIV
Besides Persona 5, this is the game I played most in the first semester. Lovely Japanese take on the MMO formula.

1.3 Wines

Still learning. This year I figured out my favorite grapes / blends — cab and syrah mostly.

Porca de Murca 2013 Tinto Red (Douro)
My go-to wine in 2017. Cheap and good. Easy to find in the neighborhood,
Goulart B Black Legion Special Blend 2010
Strong and powerful. Picked this one to celebrate Ollie's birth.
The Prisioner 2014
Had a couple bottles of this one while in the US. Nice, and affordable.

1.4 Beer

Second semester was a beer-heavy period for me. Seems to be fading now (December), but I still have a lot of fancy bottles at home.

Capa Preta Bourbon Mocha (Dark Ale)
Best coffee beer I ever had.
Hocus Pocus Rabbit Hole (Imperial Stout)
Amazing imperial stout. Strong (as expected) but doesn't taste like it. Feels like dessert.
Hocus Pocus Overdrive IPA
Go-to, day-to-day IPA.
Protostar Hazy Session IPA
Awesome session IPA, easy to find in Portland. Had it multiple times and remember it fondly.

1.5 Books

Still on the Murakami tour.

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
I think it's my current favorite.
Kafka on the Shore
Second best. Hard to say.
Captivate — The Science of Succeeding with People
Had fun with this one. Learned a lot.
The Expectand Father: The ultimate guide for dads-to-be
Didn't expect a lot (lol), but it's very good.

1.6 Wear

2017 Caffo's Fashion — lazy and relaxed. Almost no collared shirts; tees and PJs mostly.

Adidas Hawthorne 7/8
Got 3 of them. So comfy.
Love their tees and soap bars.
Nekomancer tee
Lovely illustration. Will use it a lot next year.
Zara Skulls PJ
For sleepless baby nights.

1.7 Tech

Firefox Quantum
Bye bye Chrome.
Google Flights (2017 redesign)
Best tool to find cheap flights. Will probably use a lot next year.
Best calculator for OSX. Replaced Soulver.

1.8 Best Assorted Stuff

A++ would father it again
Apple Airpods
Got them in early January, still using all the time. They just work, and that's what I needed.
Bomex 250ml beaker
This beaker was an essential tool to keep me in the line regarding my wine intake. It fits about 2 glasses and that’s what I would drink in a single night. It’s also weirdly stylish.
Bulletproof Coffee
This year I finally started to make my bulletproof coffee the right way — blended and using ghee. It really upped my breakfast / intermittent fasting game. Will keep doing it for a while.
Field Notes Notebook Cover Mini
Been using multiple Field Notes notebooks over the year, and this cover protected the notebook I paired with my Hobonichi Planner for daily notes. I love and treasure it.
Google Wifi
I don’t live in a huge apartment, but for some reason my wifi reception was always spotty. This year I finally fixed it by setting up a mesh network of google branded routers. It works flawlessly.
Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen - N79
I can’t draw anything more complex than a ball, but this pen helped me take my bullet journal game to another level. I use it to highlight headings and mark important stuff in my planners and notebooks.
Amor Fati Medallion
After last year's deep dive into stoicism, having this coin on my bedside helped me immensely to enjoy the ride.

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Created: 2019-06-03 Mon 12:21