Table of Contents

1 Focus

Selected focus-inducing tools

1.1 Audio

Minimal iOS app for noise generation. Brown noise is my favorite.
Daily Bootup Spotify Playlist
I listen to this playlist everyday, while going thru an specific part of my morning routine. Same order, same songs.
HyperFocus Spotify Playlist
The playlist I use only when I really need to focus on something. Like a secret weapon. Randomized.
Bose QC25
My headset of choice for office usage. Good sound, amazing noise cancelling.

1.2 Computer

Disables alt-tab in OSX. Another secret weapon. Used sparingly.
Automatic tiling window manager for OS X. I use it in single window mode together with FocusTab.
Turn off notifications
I usually option+click the notification bar icon when focus is needed.

1.3 Phone

Single home page
Never more than a page of apps.
All junk apps in a single folder
If the folder is full, I delete apps from it.
Almost no notifications enabled
If I'm getting a notification, it's important.
Always muted
No annoying sounds. Never.
DND mode
I keep my phone on DND from 7pm to 10am.

1.4 Mind

Everything that comes to my plate, I try to delegate.
Processing system
I dump my mind into my inbox a couple times a day. I also use MailToSelf and Captio to quickly take a task, idea or note out of my mind.
2 minute rule
If it can be done in two minutes or less, do it now.

Author: Rodrigo Franco

Created: 2019-06-03 Mon 12:21