Table of Contents

1 Organization System

This file outlines my organization system as march 2017

1.1 Inboxes

Email inbox
People send me emails, and they pile here, waiting to be processed. I try to not obsess over them (it's hard!), and the bulk of the processing is done by automated rules, applications and my personal assistant.
Used mostly when I'm on the go and I need to quickly take something out of my mind. Processed daily in my morning routine.
To go paper notebook
I try to always carry a small notebook and a cheap pen. This notebook is processed over my weekly routine.

1.2 Text Files
This file outlines my morning routine.
Things I do once every weekend. Include tasks like 'Ensure backup system is running', 'Check snail mailbox', 'Plan overall theme for next week'.
Outlines a process I do every 1st of the month. Include tasks like 'Check credit card statements', 'Review what worked, what should I add to my life and what should I drop' and 'Update monthly focus'.

1.3 Notebooks

I use a planner for my daily tasks and activities. As of right now, I'm using the Hobonichi Planner.
Work book
There's always a notebook next to my planner. I use it to jot down anything I need, from mind dumps to meeting notes.
Project specific notebooks
I may have a few project specific notebooks — some for work related projects, or for any experiment I may be running.
To go paper notebook
As listed above, its a notebook I carry with me most of the time for quick note taking.

1.4 Rules

Morning Routine
Every morning, I open my Daily file, uncheck all items from it and go thru each item. Some of these items are project specific, but there's always some core tasks that keep the system running. For example:
  • Process emails
  • Process omnifocus inbox
  • Select tasks for the day
  • Write down one thing I'm grateful for
Tasks for the day go to planner
After picking the tasks I'm planning to do for that specific day, I write them down in my hobonichi planner.
If it has a date to be, it's in the calendar
And nowhere else. I try to use my calendar as THE final place for anything date-driven.
Light Omnifocus usage
I still keep some projects in omnifocus, and then extract tasks from them when doing my morning routine.

Author: Rodrigo Franco

Created: 2019-06-03 Mon 12:21