Table of Contents

1 Sane Music Management

1.1 Streaming service for most things

I loved Rdio, but since it's demise I moved to Spotify. I do most of my music listening there. Don't be cheap, pay for a subscription and avoid ads.

1.2 For music unavailable in streaming services, oldschool mp3 files

I buy music from Bandcamp. I keep these files stashed in an external drive, with CrashPlan backing it up daily.

1.3 A subset of these files are available as an iTunes library

I keep a small subset of albums on my computer. By doing that, I can play music if I'm offline and without my phone.

1.4 Hide non-music related stuff from iTunes



1.5 Keep offline files in your mobile phone for to-go airplane mode listening

I keep a good amount of files available for offline listening in Spotify. Make sure you also have a good noise generator and some headphones for loud situations. No iTunes integration at all.

1.6 Use for stats

I have been using for almost ten years, and it's always fun to go back there and see how my musical taste changed over the years. I have Spotify linked to it and the application installed locally.

Author: Rodrigo Franco

Created: 2019-06-03 Mon 12:21