Rodrigo Franco's Notes

Trip to Japan



Sunday 01/10 - shibuya (arriving)

Monday 01/11 - akihabara

Tuesday 01/12 - ginza

Wednesday 01/13 - kyoto

Thursday 01/14 - kyoto

Friday 01/15 - ghibli

Saturday 01/16 - kamakura (optional)

Sunday 01/17 (flying back)

Places To Go


  1. Hanazono Jinja

    Nice temple in shinjuku

  2. Die Katze Neko Cafe

    Very good neko cafe in shinjuku. Famous but not packed.

  3. Don Quijote Shinjuku

    Huge convenience store in japan (aka kombini)

  4. Bic Camera Shinjuku

    Huge electronics store. Must see. Make sure you don't buy everything in the first day there and make a discount card "KADO" to get discounts the second time you go there.

  5. 8 Bit Cafe

    Good food and retro videogames in a cozy cafe. Recommended.

  6. Robot Restaurant

    Crazy show with robots, mechas and girls

  7. Suntory Lounge Eagle

    Good cocktails place for late night drinks. At the bottom of a staircase, chandelier-lit bar.

  8. CoCoLo Cafe

    Hype and good cafe for after night coffee. Seems to attract a weird but fun crowd.

  9. Golden Gai

    Awesome network of small bars

  10. ICHIRAN Shinjuku

    Best ramen in shinjuku. good for breakfast.


  1. Super Potato Retro-kan

    Retro gaming store in Akiba. Nerd Mecca.

  2. Yodobashi Camera Akihabara

    Huge electronics store

  3. Kanda Myoujin

    Electronic blessing temple/shrine

  4. Maidreamin

    Maido cafe

  5. Moesham

    Maid hair saloon.

  6. Cos-cha Maido Cafe

    Well recommended maido cafe

  7. Mandarake

    Anime / Manga / Game store


    Famous Anime / Manga / Game store

  9. M's Sex Shop

    6 floor adult entretaiment

  10. Tsukomo Keyboards

    Mechanical Keyboards

  11. DOSPARA Keyboards

    Mechanical Keyboards

  12. SOFTMAP Keyboards (株)ソフマップ 秋葉原

    Another awesome keyboard store

  13. Reddit's Keyboard Map

    Custom google map by redditors with good keyboard locations


  1. Ghibli Museum

    Lovely Ghibli Museum

  2. Coffee Ten Irukaya

    Uberfancy coffee shop - barista master


  1. Nakano Broadway

    Another Nerd Mecca


  1. Ginza Eiji (good for lunch)

    Best smoked restaurant ever

  2. Tsukiji Fish Market (be there @ 5am-ish)

    Very good and fresh sushi

  3. Stationary Store

    One of the best stationary store in ginza

  4. Bulgari Cafe

    Fancy coffee shop / restaurant

  5. Kimuraya Bakery

    Good bakery / pan factory

  6. Cafe de l'ambre

    Fancy coffee shop — coffee only


  1. Hotel Mume (ryokan)

    Our ryokan

  2. Hamburg Labo

    Recommended as the best hamburger ever

  3. Yoshuji

    Buddhist vegan restaurant

  4. Kyoto Manga Museum

    Seems to be fun.

  5. Sentido Coffee Shop

    Nice 3rd Wave Coffee Shop

  6. Nishiki Market

    Kyoto's traditional market

  7. Tea Ceremony En

    Recommended as a nice tea ceremony place

  8. Anyo-ji Temple

    Don't remember why is that on the list. Seems to be a nice temple.

  9. Ogawa Coffee Roaster and Shop

    Well recommended coffee shop

  10. 2 - Monkey Park

    Weird Park with mokeys all around

  11. Arashiyama Bamboo Groove

    Bamboo forest

  12. Otago Nenbutsu-ji

    A not well known temple with 1200 stone sculptures of buddha's disciples in different poses. Special place.

  13. Hote Spa

    One of the best SPAs in Kyoto. Good for the end of the day


  1. Kamakura Giant Buddha

    The reason why people go to kamakura

  2. Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine

    Beautiful temple

  3. Kamakurayama

    Best roast beef in japan

  4. Itsuki Garden

    "Castle in the Sky" themed cafe


  1. Paddlers Coffee

    Very good 3rd wave coffee shop

  2. Butlerscafe

    Butlers cafe. Not very good reviews

  3. Hachiko

    Hachiko statue

  4. Nobei Yokocho

    Small street with lots of restaurants

  5. Miyamasu Mitake Shrine

    Wolf's Shrine

  6. Ivorish

    Best pancakes in Shibuya

  7. Katsudonya Zuicho

    Well recommended tonkatsu place. Only dish

  8. Nagi Shokudo

    Awesome veggie restaurant. Go there after or before Tasudonya Zuicho

  9. Narukiyo

    Good Izakaya

  10. Loft - Stationary

    Very good stationary and hobonichi store

  11. Streamer Coffee

    Best espresso in Shibuya. Ask for a ristretto

  12. Fuglen Tokyo

    Nice coffee shop in Shibuya. Umbrella place.

  13. Suzume No Oyado

    Very nice okonomiyaki restaurant

  14. Murugi Curry

    Recommended curry place


  1. Daiso Harajuku

    One dollar store

  2. Gyoza Lou

    Best dumpling and gyoza place in Harajuku

  3. Daihachi Takohanamaru

    Best takoyaki

  4. Stationary Cafe

    Stationary love

Smaller lists

Tsukiji Restaurants

  1. Sushi Dai

    Most famous sushi place in the fish market

  2. Sushi Dawa

    Second most famous sushi. Smaller lines, sounds like the best option

  3. Iwasa Sushi

    Recommended by Jeff Bezos

  4. Yonemoto Coffee

    Good coffee @ Tsukiji

  5. Okame

    Good omasake, recommended by locals

  6. Yamazaki

    Another good non-crowded option


Ghibli Movies to Rewatch